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For expert teeth whitening services, schedule an appointment at our Middle Park branch – the trusted location for Aspired Smiles' exceptional dental care.

Ready to transform your smile? Aspired Smiles offers in-chair teeth whitening with the powerful Philips Professional ZOOM system, trusted by Australians throughout the country. We currently offer in-chair teeth whitening exclusively at our Middle Park location, just a short drive from our clinic in Armadale. Achieve teeth 8 shades whiter in just one 60-minute dental treatment. Book an appointment today for a brighter, better smile.

What is involved with the teeth whitening process?

  • We assess your teeth and gums to ensure teeth whitening is safe for you
  • Through shade matching, we record the shade of your current teeth to compare to after whitening
  • Your Dental Clinician will apply a gum barrier & gauze to protect soft tissue in your mouth from the whitening gel
  • The teeth whitening bleach is then applied to the teeth for four cycles of 15 minutes, achieving maximum effect without damage.
  • In just 60 minutes, you walk out with brighter, whiter teeth! Results last for approx. 12 months.

The Phillips ZOOM teeth whitening system utilises a special LED light to dramatically speed up the bleaching process, delivering incredible results in record time. With adjustable intensity, we can change the LED light to suit your needs, allowing for a more comfortable experience.

All our ZOOM teeth whitening treatments are carried out by a Dental Health Professional to give you complete peace of mind.

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What to expect after teeth whitening:

As well as whiter teeth, there are several things to remember after getting your teeth whitened. A lot of the time, what happens after getting teeth whitening will depend on your natural teeth. Teeth whitening will lighten the colour of your natural tooth enamel, but in some cases, it can also make your teeth more sensitive. This is fairly common and nothing to worry about, especially if you had sensitive teeth before getting your teeth whitened.

Using sensitive toothpaste and the relief gel we supply will help ease sensitivity and aid in recovery. To protect your teeth, we suggest avoiding eating and drinking things that can cause staining for at least 48 hours. These include red wine, coffee, tea, curries, beetroot and other sauces with a bright-coloured hue.

Teeth whitening results can typically last for a period of one year, although the overall effect may vary from individual to individual. Remember that everyone is unique and will experience different outcomes! A variety of lifestyle choices can affect the outcome and effectiveness of teeth whitening.

For the most impressive teeth whitening results, combine in-chair whitening with our convenient take-home kits. Not only will they help you to reach an even brighter shade, but can also be used for touchups every few months if needed - no Dental Clinician visit required!

Bring out the best in your smile with Invisalign Teeth Whitening

Thinking about getting your teeth whitened? Why not get them straightened at the same time? With the new Invisalign Professional Whitening system, we can whiten your teeth as they're adjusted, leaving you with a brilliant smile at the end of treatment. The custom whitening trays we're able to create with Invisalign technology deliver even greater results than typical teeth whitening treatments. Book your initial consultation online, or learn more about Teeth Whitening with Invisalign today.

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We can whiten teeth in just one 60-minute session. To find out more about tooth whitening, Invisalign, retainers and maintenance, contact us today to organise a consultation with Orthodontic Coordinator, Tara Harrison.

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